What's Zero First About?

Zero First is about how I survived two teenage reform schools across three countries, held onto my truth, and found pieces of joy even when all hope seemed lost. My story brings readers along for a harrowing fight against gaslighting, propaganda, groupthink and abusive authorities.

There’s many mouth-dropping stories of adventure and survival, but my story goes deeper than just living through tough situations. It demonstrates how human connection can soften even the most intolerable edges, and help you find comfort in the darkest of corners. It’s a story of psychological resistance and defiant success.

Zero First rises as a resounding “NO” against the people and situations that wish to control us, and extends a hopeful hand to those wishing to break free and pursue their own truths.

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This Story Takes Place 20 Years Ago; Unfortunately, It's Even More Relevant Today

The troubled teen industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Abusive reform schools still exist today. Once only talked about in whispers, people are shining the light on this highly unregulated industry. When one is finally shut down, the public is very curious to understand what went on.

A recent example is when The Ranch for Kids in Utah was shut down due to abuse in July 2019. That story gained national attention via NBC, MSN, USA Today and other major news networks. We must continue to bring light to these abusive institutions, inform parents of the most productive choices for helping their child overcome emotional and behavioral issues, and demand more vigorous regulation over the organizations charged with taking care of these children.

Additionally, and frighteningly enough, I’m seeing many of the brainwashing techniques the cults used being applied today by politicians and corporations, especially in the United States.

Facts are being twisted as lies, and agenda-dripping falsehoods are being portrayed as reality. Those of "high rank" (those with money, connections and influential positions) are reigning supreme, while many of the rest of us are being unfairly treated as "zero firsts," deemed unworthy of success and sometimes even basic human rights.

The gaslights are blazing. People are resisting, and seeking understanding for how we have allowed this to happen. Zero First provides some understanding, and more importantly, hope.


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